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Logo HY-Plug Monaco
Logo HY-Plug Monaco

We study the propulsion and generator(s). If you know the characteristics of the product you want, we'll find it and check that it's right for you.

For both motorization and re-motorization, we can look for a fuel cell, an electric motor, or a combustion engine (H2, bio-fuels, bio-methanol, bi-combustion, etc.).

Generators can be electro-hydrogen or thermal.

For bio-fuels, we can provide you with performance studies comparing the use of fossil fuels and responsible fuels.

Industry trends

For the next 5 years, 60% of sustainable yachting projects are concerned by the energies studied by our consultancy firm.

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Logo HY-Plug Monaco
Logo HY-Plug Monaco

For whom?

Logo HY-Plug Monaco
Broker et Charter, HY-Plug Monaco

Broker - Charter

Brokerage, like charter, plays a key role in the final customer's decision. With the ecological evolution of the yachting industry, you're one of the first people customers will ask about new energies and motorizations available on board yachts.

We're well aware that it's not easy to answer these questions, and even less so when it comes to starting a project involving a search for solutions.


HY-Plug will work with you to find the most appropriate solution. This may involve technology for a new build or refit, or energy for a charter wishing to decarbonize its navigation.

Icône HY-Plug Monaco
Yacht Management, HY-Plug Monaco

Yacht Management

"We know what we need, but we don't have the time to look for it".

We've heard this on more than one occasion, and know that sourcing innovative solutions, including data collection, verification and life-cycle analysis, requires considerable human resources.

What's more, for new energies and technologies, it's necessary to document the subtleties already mastered for fossil fuels.

HY-Plug works alongside your in-house teams to support the search for these solutions, bringing our network and exclusive expertise to bear.

Icône HY-Plug Monaco
Naval architect, yacht designer, HY-Plug Monaco

Naval architect - Yacht designer

When it comes to the manufacture and refit of a yacht, your respective professions hold the technical keys to dimensioning.

Despite the involvement of numerous firms in keeping abreast of new energies and technologies entering the market, it's not easy to keep up with them all.

One, two or three energies? What type of hybridization? What are the ecological impacts of the solution's life cycle?

HY-Plug can help you find these answers from a panel of suppliers, including technical and environmental data.

Shipyard, HY-Plug Monaco


From new build to refit, shipyards are an integral part of the process.

Today's technologies are well mastered by your in-house departments. But when it comes to new energies, your teams don't always have the time to do all the research.

As stakeholders, it can also be difficult to get all the answers you need. HY-Plug can help you to find the technical, environmental, performance and price data you need from suppliers.

Icône HY-Plug Monaco
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