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  • The Journal des Entreprises

    The Journal des Entreprises did us the honour of writing an article about HY-Plug and our founder Camille Lopez. We would like to thank them sincerely for highlighting our company in the "Start up & Innovation" section. You can read the article below about HY-Plug's move to the Principality of Monaco ⬇️ "HY-Plug drops anchor in Monaco Two years after setting up HY-Plug, a consultancy specialising in the energy transition for the yachting industry, Var-based entrepreneur Camille Lopez is opening her first subsidiary in Monaco. For her, this is a major step towards conquering the world of yachting. Camille Lopez, founder of the HY-Plug consultancy, is the kind of person who knows where she's going. After developing her small business in Six-Fours-les-Plages, France, mainly by assisting harbour managers with the ecological transition, she has just dropped anchor in Monaco to establish herself in the world of yachting. It's an essential move for the CEO, who sees it as "a vote of confidence to win over the yachting industry". Taking off in yachting in Monaco It's also a fitting return for the country that has already given her so much. In May 2021, she won two awards, the Special Yachting Award and the Special Sustainable Award, at the Mark Challenge in Monaco, a business plan competition organised by the University of Monaco. A month later, she won the 2021 edition of the Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge, even though she was still only a student. "That's when I convinced myself that I had to go for it," says the entrepreneur, who went on to win the government's top prize of €40,000 at the Jeune Chambre Économique de Monaco awards ceremony in December 2022. It was also in the Principality that Camille Lopez won the trust of her first customer, Smeg, the Monegasque electricity and gas company. From the Principality, Camille Lopez intends to offer her studies to help engine manufacturers and yacht builders adopt environmentally-friendly solutions based on hydrogen, electric, bio-methanol and bio-fuel technologies. It will also continue to deliver its training course, dedicated to the fundamentals of the energy transition in the yachting world and run by the Yacht Club de Monaco. Growing up fast Two years after setting up her company, Camille Lopez intends to consolidate her fledgling business and, ultimately, "win contracts that will enable her to recruit (she has already taken on a trainee) and grow". By offering services ranging from technology watch to analysis of the solutions available on the market, HY-Plug is helping its customers to achieve their energy transition. "We don't operate as business introducers. We analyse, advise and study, and put the right ideas together to contribute to the energy transition", explains the CEO, who relies on a daily technology watch, as well as a network of 1,000 experts and suppliers. In addition to Smeg, Camille Lopez already has several references. She helped Hynova, a local brand, to understand the regulations in force for their mobile hydrogen refuelling system in the form of compressed gas in ports. It carried out a market study of hydrogen-powered yacht projections, and proposed a range of refuelling energy solutions for the port of Saint-Tropez. She now hopes to land the first projects that will get the word out, and indirectly benefit her company. "It will be our best business card. She is also keeping a close eye on the energy transition in other countries around the world. "I won't hesitate to strengthen HY-Plug's presence outside France if we get requests."

  • Our Inspiring Encounter with NatureSafe Marine

    At the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show last September, we had the opportunity to meet NatureSafe Marine at the Sustainability Hub. This innovative company specialises in environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that are perfectly suited to the yachting industry. We are honoured that the company has chosen to highlight HY-Plug and our founder, Camille Lopez, in a dedicated article. We thank them for this superb article! "In this blog post, we are introducing you to Camille Lopez, the founder of HY-Plug. Camille is a dynamic and multifaceted entrepreneur who embodies the spirit of ambition and versatility. At just 26 years old, she has already carved a niche for herself in the competitive world of international business, sustainability, and the maritime industry. Her business path is a testament to the power of passion, education, and a commitment to making a difference in the world. Camille shares her experiences, insights, and vision, offering a glimpse into the life of a young entrepreneur. She is dedicated to driving sustainable change in the maritime sector. 1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Who is Camille Lopez? Camille Lopez is a determined and ambitious 26-year-old. Graduating with a Master's degree in International Management from the International University of Monaco in 2021, Camille has acquired a solid academic foundation in global business management. For 3 years, she worked in the automotive industry, covering various areas such as sales, marketing, events, procurement, and distribution, demonstrating her versatility and adaptability. Her skills include strategy, negotiation, business development, supply chain management, marketing, innovative entrepreneurship, as well as the cross-functional skills required to run a business. In addition, her sailing experience, holding all the required sailing licenses (coastal, inland waters, offshore, SRC), demonstrates her commitment to and familiarity with maritime activities. Finally, her passion for motorsports and karting, combined with her role as a 2-stroke mechanic and endurance team manager, testifies to her determination to succeed in demanding environments. What's more, her H2 karting project underway this year demonstrates her enterprising spirit and ability to take on new challenges. Camille's background makes her a concerned person about the technical aspects of the marine industry. 2. Can you share a memorable experience or moment that has fueled your passion for sustainability? Transforming my perspective on decarbonization became a profound journey shaped by two distinct experiences. The first occurred during my early years, navigating the azure waters of the South of France with my father. Witnessing a disconcerting grey pollution cloud on the horizon, I realized environmental concerns were tangible issues, not just distant TV topics. This realization struck even during my idyllic sailing adventures as a 10-year-old. Additionally, my father's influence and upbringing instilled in me a deep respect for nature and a mindful approach to consumption. These values, imparted by his example, have become an integral part of my outlook on sustainable living. The second pivotal moment unfolded a couple of years later, as I delved into the world of coding while situated in a house overlooking the sea. The breathtaking sunset backdrop was marred by that same ominous grey pollution cloud, casting a shadow over the scenic beauty. It was a stark realization that environmental degradation was not an isolated incident. It's an escalating problem, gradually advancing in our daily lives. These moments prompted me to acknowledge the urgency of decarbonization as a pressing reality, demanding collective attention and action. 3. What inspired you to launch your own consulting firm? I come from the automotive industry, where I honed the art of selling products that align with the sales agenda. This approach, often prioritizing sales over genuinely serving the client's interests, is a standard practice in the industry's behind-the-scenes dynamics. While this approach didn't align with my personal values, I appreciate the experience for the valuable techniques it imparted. However, the sales experiences I cherished were those involving personalized attention to customers. Working collaboratively, we customized every aspect of a car, from options to colors, ensuring the shortest factory delivery time. This process often culminated in a special touch, like home delivery with flowers. When the idea for HY-Plug emerged, I found myself contemplating how to align my values with working toward customer interests. This introspection led me to embrace a consulting role as the most fitting option. On the flip side, the inception of HY-Plug stemmed from my competitive mindset. During my pursuit of a business plan competition in Monaco, while completing my Master's at the International University of Monaco, I distinctly remember declaring, "I don't know how, or with which project, but I want to compete and win something." This marked the beginning, and after months of dedicated effort, the application was complete, resulting in the first double award: Yachting and Sustainability. HY-Plug is a convergence of my passion for mechanics and daily needs, a commitment to environmental sustainability, and a deep love for boating. 4. How has your education empowered you to take on the challenges of launching a consulting firm? Are there specific skills or knowledge gained during your academic experience that you've found invaluable in your current role as an entrepreneur committed to sustainability? This company is deeply rooted in my educational journey, shaping both my professional and personal life. As mentioned earlier, my experiences in the automotive industry provided me with comprehensive technical knowledge and a penchant for in-depth research. These skills, along with a commitment to high-quality deliverables, form the bedrock of our daily operations and overall company strategy. Additionally, my genuine passion for mechanics and automotive sports is crucial in establishing credibility and fostering understanding with engineers and technical departments. The dedication to sustainability in our company ethos isn't a recent development; it's rooted in values instilled by my parents. Additionally, a profound technical grasp of the decarbonization concept complements these values. This mix of personal beliefs and technical knowledge guides our commitment to making a meaningful impact on sustainability. 5. Could you share the primary goals and mission of HY-Plug in promoting green energy solutions in yachting and maritime industries? HY-Plug, a consultancy specializing in the maritime energy transition, offers support services focusing on hydrogen, electric power, and biofuels. We have chosen to concentrate our activities in two strategic regions: Six-Fours-les-Plages, in the south of France, and Monaco. Our main objective is to achieve maximum decarbonization of the yachting industry. To this end, we guide our customers through the energy transition, offering new energy refueling station solutions for ports and marinas. Additionally, we support yacht builders by proposing greener engines and generators. This involves incorporating renewable energy sources like hydrogen, electricity, biofuels, and bio-methanol, in direct collaboration with shipyards. We are also raising awareness of the key players in this industry through our La Belle Classe Academy training program, hosted by the Yacht Club de Monaco. Our aim is to educate and raise awareness of the crucial importance of decarbonization for this industry. 6. How do environmental values and sustainability play a central role in the services and solutions offered by HY-Plug? HY-Plug was founded to make an operational and concrete contribution to the decarbonization of the maritime sector. We select the studies we work on to ensure that they are not greenwashing projects. We are distinguished by three fundamental commitments: Independence from suppliers: We evaluate and advise on their technologies without ever acting as a salesperson for them. Impartiality: We recommend technologies only if they correspond perfectly to the needs of our customers' projects. No commercial agreement ties our recommendations to suppliers. They are an integral part of our network. We examine their solutions under confidentiality agreements on behalf of our customers. Trust and confidentiality: All data and information exchanged is strictly confidential. We cultivate relationships based on trust, both with market players and with our customers. HY-Plug's mission is to facilitate the connection between players in the maritime energy transition. We bring end-users and suppliers closer together through our consultancy services, thereby contributing to this essential transformation of the sector. 7. In your opinion, what are the most promising green energy solutions for the maritime industry, and how do they contribute to sustainability? The quest for the most effective green energy solutions in the yachting industry is nuanced, and highly dependent on specific factors. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The choice of energy solutions varies based on factors like hull design, usage patterns, routes, and the owner's requirements. The emerging consensus leans toward a diverse mix of solutions. Prominent trends in the industry include the integration of methanol generators and engines. Another key development is the coupling of hydrogen fuel cells with batteries. Additionally, there's a shift towards diesel-electric hybrid systems and the adoption of full electric propulsion systems for smaller vessels. Exploring alternative approaches, the industry is actively delving into the possibilities of incorporating foils and sails. This in-depth exploration aims to uncover viable methods for implementation, enhancing efficiency, and contributing to the decarbonization strategy. It focuses on minimizing reliance on conventional fuels. The future of sustainable yachting lies in a multifaceted approach, tailored to the unique characteristics and needs of each vessel. 8. As someone deeply involved in the maritime energy transition, how do you see the yachting industry evolving in terms of sustainability, and what improvements do you anticipate? The megayacht sector is at a crucial juncture, requiring time for transformation. Currently, yacht owners are hesitating to invest in new vessels due to image concerns, while charter customers increasingly opt for biofuel over traditional options. The industry is actively addressing sustainability through numerous conferences, aiming to propel positive change. Some forward-thinking brands have spent one to four years carefully improving their generators and engines. Yet, a significant portion of the industry remains in the preliminary stages, not fully transitioning to serious consideration. This delay may indicate an underestimation of the matter's urgency. In the near future, we anticipate the introduction of new propulsion systems on yachts. Nevertheless, the crucial question of fuel bunkering remains unresolved. It appears that we will undergo a phased approach to adopting new technologies, initially integrating them with or without fully decarbonized energies. Subsequently, there will be a second phase emphasizing the incorporation of decarbonized energies wherever possible. The final stage involves a widespread implementation of these technologies in both yachts and refueling stations at ports. The journey toward a more sustainable yachting industry is poised to unfold in multiple stages, requiring collective effort and commitment. 9. What role do you see startups like HY-Plug playing in shaping the future of sustainable boating and maritime practices? The notion that "Energy transition is in the hands of young professionals" holds some truth, but it's a nuanced perspective. While the percentage of young individuals engaged in sustainability initiatives may be higher compared to their senior counterparts, we shouldn't overlook or underestimate the significant contributions of experienced professionals working behind the scenes. Many seasoned experts are actively involved in the development of new builds incorporating decarbonized energies, bringing invaluable experience and knowledge to the table.Companies like HY-Plug play a pivotal role as key enablers for entities not yet involved in the sustainability sphere. This becomes particularly crucial as ports tighten regulations, and public opinion increasingly influences business decisions. Until financial or regulatory pressures become significant drivers, our focus remains on collaborating with early adopters. However, as these technologies become more mainstream, our accumulated historical knowledge and expertise will make us indispensable partners, aiding those who are just beginning to embark on their sustainability journey. It's a collaborative effort that draws from the strengths of both the seasoned professionals and the fresh perspectives of the younger generation. 10. As a young, female entrepreneur, what advice would you give to young individuals aspiring to make a meaningful impact in the field of environmental preservation and sustainability? I don't categorize myself as a young, female, entrepreneur, or any specific label. Instead, I identify as someone profoundly passionate about my work even more mechanic, leisure marine, and sustainability, driven to make a significant impact on operational projects at the end of the value chain where real change occurs. If I could offer advice in this field, it would be to approach greenwashing with great caution. In various industries, we observe brands adopting solutions that, upon closer inspection through the lens of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), don't genuinely contribute to decarbonization. Embracing sustainability shouldn't be a passing trend. It's essential to recognize that the allure of being environmentally conscious for a brief period won't go unnoticed. Eventually, such practices can tarnish a company's reputation. The decision boils down to a choice between short-term gains and a long-term vision, between fleeting trends and unwavering commitment. The choice is yours, and success lies in making that choice wisely and working tirelessly to uphold it. Camille's story is one of relentless pursuit and genuine dedication to making a positive impact on the environment. Through her act and work, she reminds us that sustainable change requires more than just fleeting trends; it demands a long-term vision and a tireless effort to make a meaningful difference. Her insights are not just inspiring but also a call to action for everyone looking to contribute to a more sustainable future."

  • Setting a course for sustainability: HY-Plug awarded Low-Carbon Contractor Certificate in Monaco

    On 14 November, we had the privilege of taking part in the closing event of the very first low-carbon support programme dedicated to Monegasque entrepreneurs. 🎓 This initiative, orchestrated by the Mission pour la Transition Energétique (MTE) in partnership with the Direction du Développement Economique (DDE), the MonacoBoost business incubator and the MonacoTech startup incubator, was a key milestone in our journey. Launched in April 2023 for a period of six months, the programme has been meticulously designed following an in-depth survey of the training needs expressed by participating companies. We are proud to be one of the 21 companies to have undergone this intensive support, and we were honoured to receive the programme's certificate of completion. This certificate symbolises our commitment to a low-carbon approach and underlines our efforts in favour of the energy transition. 🌎 HY-Plug now holds the "Low-Carbon Contractor" certificate, a recognition that strengthens our determination to continue working towards a more environmentally-friendly future. 💪 Le 14 novembre dernier, nous avons eu le privilège de participer à l'événement de clôture du tout premier programme d'accompagnement bas-carbone dédié aux entrepreneurs monégasques. 🎓

  • Tribune Côte d'Azur hails our move to Monaco

    We're delighted to share some exciting news: our recent move into the Principality of Monaco has been noticed and celebrated by the Tribune Côte d'Azur media. This article dedicated to our company is testament to our commitment and efforts to expand our presence in this prestigious and dynamic region. Tribune Côte d'Azur's recognition underlines the importance of our approach and our vision in the local economic fabric. We would like to thank them for this superb article. "HY-Plug moors in Monaco The company specialising in the energy transition in yachting made its launch in the Principality official on 18 October. Hy-Plug's ambition is to enable yachts and pleasure craft to find the energy supply best suited to their needs. Two years after its creation in Six-Fours-les-Plages (83), the consulting firm for innovative projects in the maritime and port industries, headed by Camille Lopez, is expanding its field of action with a new branch in Monaco. It's a logical next step for the start-up, which in December 2022 won the 27th edition of the business start-up competition organised by Monaco's Junior Chamber of Commerce. With this new base on the Rock, the company will be offering consulting services on sustainable engine and generator solutions for the yachting industry, as well as a training course focusing on the fundamentals of the energy transition in the yachting world. The 24-hour training course will be given at the Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM), within the La Belle Classe Academy, and will consist of two parts: a presentation of the fundamentals, including a mini-brainstorming session and a mini-quiz for each topic, followed by a second part dedicated to discussion. You can already register for the next courses (18 October, 8 November, 2 December, 18 January, 15 February & 14 March 2024) here.

  • A Moment of Renown: Our live broadcast on TV5 Monde at the Monaco Yacht Show

    A unique experience occurred during this year's Monaco Yacht Show: TV5 Monde offered us the invaluable opportunity to be interviewed and broadcast live during their news programme. This exceptional visibility was a chance for us to share our vision, our projects and our passion for the maritime industry during this prestigious event. Being present on the TV5 Monde news programme during the Monaco Yacht Show was an unforgettable experience, putting our company in the international spotlight. This visibility reinforces our commitment to continue innovating and contributing to the evolution of the marine industry.

  • HY-Plug at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023: A dive into Excellence and Innovation

    This year, the Monaco Yacht Show was much more than a simple presence for HY-Plug. As an exhibitor and partner of the Sustainability Hub for the second time, we have experienced extraordinary moments, expanded our network and participated in exclusive events at the heart of the yachting industry. Private Meetings and Fruitful Exchanges During our private cocktail, we had the privilege of speaking with key players, including the port concession, the Chamber of Renewable Energy and Ecology of Monaco, renowned shipyards as well as private sector players. These meetings opened up exciting perspectives for future collaborations and sustainable initiatives. Engaged Presence and Sharing of Expertise We were honored to speak at the Captains Forum, bringing together 150 professionals holding a 3000 captain certificate, to discuss the crucial topic of HVO. It was also an opportunity to meet classy companies during lunch, enriching our exchanges and our knowledge. Media Visibility Our presence was also noticed by the media, with interviews carried out by TV Monaco and SYS Monaco, highlighting our contributions and our vision for a sustainable yachting industry.< /p> Knowledge Sharing and Commitment to Sustainability We have had the privilege of participating in high-profile conferences, such as the IYC Private Conference on Sustainability in Yachting, as well as hosting our own conference on energy changes in the yachting industry observed by a one-year study. These moments were opportunities to share our perspectives and expertise. Inspiring Celebrations and Initiatives We also participated in significant events such as the Burgee Celebration, marking the handing over of the flag to ETYC-trained captains. As well as the launch of the International Electric Marine Association (IEMA) organized jointly with Seabird (IEMA Member), demonstrating our commitment to innovation and the evolution of the maritime industry. We also become a sponsor of IEMA for 2024. This 2nd edition of the Monaco Yacht Show was an unforgettable experience for HY-Plug, an opportunity to rub shoulders with excellence, to innovate and to actively contribute to shaping a more sustainable future. sustainable for the maritime industry.

  • Green Crew Day

    On Friday 12 May, we were present at the offices of ITA Training, organized by ACREW. For an hour, we presented our Sustainability Class to the young crew. It was a time for sharing ideas on the energy transition, with an immersion in our 4 themes: energy, technologies, regulations and sustainability. "Do you want to start a career in the superyacht industry? This is the event for you! This exclusive one-day event will equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a successful crew member. You'll learn about the day-to-day responsibilities of a superyacht crew member, including safety rules, maintenance, cleaning and the etiquette of working on a superyacht. You will also have the opportunity to meet experienced crew members, captains and industry professionals. By the end of the event, you'll have the skills and confidence to start your career in the superyacht industry and possibly even find your first job on board!"

  • The yachting industry and the climate emergency

    In their recent article on the climate emergency, published in July, Challenges included a reference to our work, highlighting our contribution. We are grateful to Challenges for this mention in their publication. "Having become symbols of environmental aberration, these energy-guzzling ships are being electrified under the impetus of pioneering shipyards. It's a welcome change of tack for the image of a much-criticised clientele. Monaco, its Prince, its Formula 1... And its yachts. Once again this year, the F1 Grand Prix on the Rock at the end of May attracted a multitude of luxury boats. Including 155 superyachts over 30 metres long, according to the figures compiled by Yacht CO2 Tracker. Over the three weeks of the event, they consumed more than 2.3 million litres of diesel and emitted at least 6,200 tonnes of CO2. An ecological aberration in the service of a few ultra-rich people, which is infuriating. According to Camille Lopez, founder of the specialist consultancy HY-Plug, yachts only account for 3% of maritime pollution, but they are a magnifying mirror of inequalities and, as with jets, a key factor in the acceptability of the ecological transition. Global yacht sales are expected to grow by 8% a year between 2020 and 2025, according to a study by Mordor Intelligence, which considers that the sector, which is under pressure, has nonetheless entered the "age of eco-consciousness". Most carmakers, such as Lürssen and engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce MTU, have taken up the issue through hybridisation. Bernard Arnault's Symphony, a vessel over 100 metres long, is powered by four hybrid engines that use 30% less fuel than a comparable conventional yacht. That's 657 litres per hour each, according to the manufacturer Feadship. And that's not counting the impact of the equipment on board. "There's no reason why yachts should consume so much for the pleasure of a tiny minority," says Raphaël Pradeau of the Attac movement. Photovoltaic catamarans But some builders have high hopes of transforming their entire industry, with reasonable speeds and electric propulsion, among other things. This is what the French company Whisper Yachts is proposing: photovoltaic catamarans costing less than €2 million for a 50-foot model (around 15 metres). That's enough to install 40 m2 of solar panels, coupled with batteries. "More and more company directors are contacting us because they can no longer afford to talk about CSR in their company and be seen in the summer on yachts that consume hundreds of litres of fuel", says co-founder Guy Marchal, whose first three boats are currently under construction. "The market is starting to change," says Camille Lopez. But the revolution began with pioneers like Sunreef Yachts. The company was founded by Frenchman Francis Lapp and his son Nicolas in 2002 at the Gdansk shipyard in Poland, the birthplace of the Solidarnosc movement in 1980. Between the decrepit brick walls, Soviet ships have given way to luxury catamarans at the cutting edge of technology. To stay one step ahead, their teams developed electric and then photovoltaic models, with solar panels integrated into the hull, which are currently being patented, in the secrecy of the brand-new laboratory at the new shipyard, just a few kilometres from the historic site. "Four years ago, we said to ourselves that we had to be the first to go all-electric. The competition is moving slowly. Our family structure allows us to move quickly and take these risks," says Nicolas Lapp. Sunreef, which employs 2,400 people, is forecasting sales of 250 million euros in 2023, compared with 180 million last year. And innovation is in full swing: the company is working on artificial intelligence for energy management and on a hydrogen system to replace the diesel generator still on board. Everything to move towards zero carbon. Nicolas Lapp hopes to switch to a 100% electric range within five years, even though its Eco range accounts for half of its sales. This is despite the extra cost of between €500,000 and €800,000 for yachts worth between €3 million and €50 million. According to the co-founder, this extra cost will be quickly recouped in fuel and maintenance savings. "Business leaders who talk about CSR can no longer be seen in the summer on yachts consuming hundreds of litres of fuel." Guy Marchal, co-founder of Whisper Yachts. Global eco-design But Sunreef has not forgotten luxury. Everything is homemade: the hull, the engine, the sails, the solar panels, the joinery and even the upholstery. Everything except the electrical appliances. 45 boats are currently being built on the 80,000 m2 site. While workers are placing the first elements of a hull on a mould, there are workers sanding, painting or operating computer-controlled machines, while here the joiners are busy. All these skills are involved in eco-design: less toxic paint, recycled and recyclable materials, or in the future a hull made of linen or basalt. Between tradition and new know-how, the Gdansk shipyard, once a disaster area, is also in transition. It's a philosophy that has won over several of France's richest families, as well as sportsmen and women like Rafael Nadal and Fernando Alonso. The F1 driver took possession of his solar-powered yacht in June: "My life goes at a thousand miles an hour, so when I'm on holiday I want to travel in total silence, without smoke or vibrations," he explains in a promotional video. And maybe sail all the way to Monaco, carbon-free. Jets rely on SAF to go green They are even more scrutinised and criticised than yachts. Environmental NGOs are denouncing the deplorable environmental impact of private jets. An observation that prompted EELV to propose, unsuccessfully, that they be banned in France. They account for 0.04% of global greenhouse gas emissions. But their weight increases if we take emissions per passenger, for non-essential use, stress the supporters of their regulation, or even their ban. Under pressure, the players in the sector are betting on their transition, and are making it known. Their saviour? FAS, an alternative fuel made from biomass rather than fossil fuels. Broker Fly Victor is now offering its customers the chance to reduce the carbon footprint of their flights by buying SAF, which is injected into commercial aviation. "The reduction in emissions is immediate by avoiding the consumption of paraffin, unlike offsetting," stresses co-CEO Toby Edward. One in five Fly Victor customers currently chooses to pay voluntarily for SAF, for an average amount of 1,000 euros. But there are many questions to be answered before FAS becomes widespread. Firstly, the cost, with FAS remaining 2 to 5 times more expensive than paraffin. Then there are the regulations, which do not allow an aircraft to fly with 100% SAF in its fuel tank. Finally, there is the question of reserves. Toby Edwards estimates that 40 million tonnes of the raw material are available worldwide, while European demand (flights departing from the EU will have to contain a minimum of 2% SAF by 2025) will not exceed 1.5 million tonnes in 2 years' time. But what about competition with other sectors - shipping, road transport, heavy industry, energy production, cosmetics, etc. - which will also be relying on biomass to reduce their carbon footprint? In the longer term, business aviation could turn to other technologies such as hydrogen or electric power, following the example of Eviation Alice's 9-seater jet, which made its first 8-minute flight in September 2022. But the question remains the same: will there be enough green energy to prevent private jets from having to ask themselves the question of sobriety? "

  • "A greener commitment": the yachting industry rises to the challenge!

    The fifth episode of the "This is Monaco" series takes an in-depth look at the sustainability challenges facing those involved in the production and management of superyachts. Entitled 'A Green Commitment', the episode highlights the collaborative efforts between the industry and yacht owners to promote environmentally friendly practices and explore green alternatives. In the run-up to the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show, we were honoured to be interviewed by 'This is Monaco' to share our unique perspective as a Sustainability Hub partner. This exciting episode explores the innovative initiatives and solutions that are emerging from this collaboration, highlighting the importance of commitment to a more sustainable future for the superyacht industry. Go behind the scenes of this exclusive interview, delve into the Monaco Yacht Show and explore the exciting advances in sustainable development in the world of luxury yachts.

  • A Success Story from the Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge

    In 2021, Camille Lopez, founder of HY-Plug, won the MOPC. After being a candidate, she is now helping companies to bring their project to the MOPC so that they too can win. The Prince Albert II Foundation recently shared a Success Story highlighting the positive impact of HY-Plug. This publication was also relayed by the Oceanographic Institute in its press release. "SUCCESS STORY Camille Lopez, winner of the MOPC 2021, has founded the company HY-Plug. HY-Plug supports companies, ports and boat owners with consulting services on sustainable maritime solutions. HY-Plug works with alternative energy sources such as hydrogen, electricity, biofuels and bio-methanol. Camille Lopez talks about her experience: "The Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge has helped to legitimise the HY-Plug concept in June 2021 right from the start. By focusing on the environmental impact on seas and oceans, this competition gives the company a certain credibility and access to a network. So, after the Mark Challenge awards, and following the MOPC victory, both in 2021, I entered and won another prize: the Jeune Chambre Économique de Monaco business start-up competition, on 1 December 2022. I took part in the Monaco Blue Initiative 2022, which gave me a cross-disciplinary knowledge of projects and companies contributing to the protection of the seas and oceans. This year, I was again present at the Ocean Innovators Platform during Monaco Ocean Week and it was rewarding to discover new innovations and extend my network. Thanks to the work I've been doing since February 2021 and all these initiatives, in 2023 I'll be setting up my second company in Monaco for the same activity, but specialising in yachting - a dream come true!""

  • Southern Wind Shipyard (SWS) & HY-Plug

    We recently had the pleasure of meeting the talented team at Southern Wind, a prestigious shipyard based in South Africa. It was an exciting opportunity to discuss our respective projects and learn about their innovative initiatives. Southern Wind, renowned for producing two yachts a year, stands out for its commitment to sustainability in the yachting industry. Their mission is clear: to shape a future where the sea and luxury combine harmoniously with respect for the environment. We are honoured to have been featured in Southern Wind's recently published blog article. "DO NOT WAIT FOR THE “ZERO EMISSION FUEL” TO BE WIDELY AVAILABLE FOR YACHTING: ENJOY SAILING! Today I am glad to report about a refreshing experience on sustainability in the yachting industry. Shipyards are directly stimulated by the end users and are often urged by ambitious owners to deliver the best quality and moreover, to focus on doing it in a sustainable way. The efforts for a more sustainable yachting are increasingly substantial and start considering the entire Life Cycle of a yacht. Life Cycle Assessment approach is more thorough than simply considering the environmental impact of the construction of the yacht and it is much fairer to sailing yachts, which obviously comes as a good news for Southern Wind! Any effort made by a boat builder to offer a more sustainable yacht, becomes ineffectual if not supported by the whole yachting spinneret, of which Marinas play a pivotal role in the energy supply. There will be little evolution in the way energy is converted on board of yachts if there are little or late investments on the shore power supply offers (being them in the form of high-speed electric charging points, biofuels, Hydrogen, Methanol etc). I have  been recently contacted by Camille Lopez, Founding President of HY-Plug, a company born from the desire to contribute to the energy transition by connecting the players of the yachting Industry. The Saint Tropez Marina commissioned to HY-Plug a survey to understand how a Marina should adapts its offer and technology to fulfill the evolving energetic needs of the yachts. This survey tells a lot about how serious Saint Tropez Marina is about getting ready to support the technical evolution of their customers. As a builder of sailing superyachts that are intended to sail to the remotest corners of the world, we have been requested our opinion on how yachts will change their energy request over the years. It was a good opportunity for me to share Southern Wind approach to a more sustainable yachting and to talk about our decision to conduct a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) on our yachts, analyzing, not only the carbon footprint of the yacht’s construction, but also the impact, in terms of CO2 emission, connected to the use of a boat. See more here. Hydrogen or Methanol (ideally and as much as possible bio-methanol) do not seem a short-term option for yachts like Southern Winds, built to travel around the globe, since a large number of marinas all over the world will not be able to refill them. Southern Wind Hybrigen® power generation and transmission developed with BAE Systems allow greater efficiency than traditional generation and propulsion methods, which translates into significant fuel saving, further enhanced by hydrogeneration available while sailing. On Southern Wind yachts we could envisage the above systems to be powered by a combination of fuel cells (using bio-methanol or methanol, when bio-methanol is not available) and Internal Combustion Engine [ICE] (still using biofuel or fossil fuels): we do not imagine a complete independency from ICE until the alternative fuels supply grid will become global. We could imagine an easier and faster transition on those yachts which do not have worldwide cruising ambitions, but they fall out of our focus. There is a very good news for us: the more you sail, the less fuel you burn…so while waiting to get the zeroe-mission fuel being available, sail as much as you can!"

  • Camille Lopez on the JCI Business Experience channel

    JCI Business Experience is launching a YouTube channel to showcase Monaco's business potential. We were invited to take part in their first video: "Entreprendre à Monaco". Thanks to Diana and her team for the production and invitation!

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