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Updated: May 25, 2023

As the Monaco Yacht Show approaches, Floriane from Presse Agence has published on HY-Plug in their "News from PACA, VAR" section.

Thank you!

"SIX FOURS LES PLAGES: HY-Plug, the start-up that supports innovative and sustainable projects

In yachting, the energy transition is already underway, thanks to sustainable technologies and green energies.

Driven by the desire to change the way ships are powered in order to reduce their environmental impact and impact on biodiversity, the HY-Plug startup based in Six-Fours-les-Plages offers consulting services to effectively accompany the change.

A unique and essential concept that will be presented from September 28 to October 1, 2022 at the Monaco Yacht Show, the annual international exhibition dedicated to the world of yachting. HY-Plug will participate as an exhibitor, speaker and partner of the 1st sustainability hub.

A great recognition of the sector for this young company and its founder, Camille Lopez."

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