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Press Release - MYS

Updated: May 25, 2023

Discover the history of HY-Plug through this press release.

Specially designed for the Monaco Yacht Show, you will find the partnership with the Monaco Yacht Show, the stand and the conference.

Camille Lopez will be speaking on Friday 30 September at 11.15am in the Innovation and Design Hub at the Monaco Yacht Show:

If you need an invitation, contact us, we would be delighted to invite you: +33 6 29 72 77 81.

After a background on current environmental issues, you will find the presentation of the Monaco Yacht Show, an emblematic event of the yachting and superyachting industry.

The HY-Plug company concept is then presented as well as its type of support and the reasons for working with a consultancy firm.

Our core value: We don't like greenwashing at HY-Plug, so we are 200% committed to our clients to find truly sustainable solutions.

The company has been awarded in 2021 by several competitions such as The Mark Challenge and the MOPC, but is also a signatory in 2022 of the "Monaco Capitale of Advanced Yachting" Label.

A few words about the founder, Camille, about the reasons that led her to found HY-Plug.

The press release ends with her passions, which are also linked to this professional project and for which she also integrates the environmental dimension.

Enjoy reading!

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