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HY-Plug Highlights Green Innovations at Monaco Yacht Show's Sustainability Hub

The Monaco Yacht Show's Sustainability Hub is set to spotlight cutting-edge eco-friendly yachting technologies. Highlighting the industry's shift towards greener practices, the event will feature Siemens Energy, EasyLZinc, and HY-Plug.

These companies will present their latest advancements, from sustainable propulsion systems to innovative battery solutions, underscoring the crucial role of sustainability in the future of luxury yachting.

"The Monaco Yacht Show’s Sustainability Hub will feature some of the best and newest technologies in eco-friendly yachting.

Monaco Yacht Show organizers pride themselves on showing off all the luxury the industry has to offer. But with green technology non-compliance increasingly a luxury the industry cannot afford, Monaco is betting big on offering knowledge on new green technologies in its Sustainability Hub.

The show recently announced three companies that will be part of the Hub. Siemens Energy, EasyLZinc and HY-Plug will be on hand to discuss new technologies and demonstrate advances.

Siemens is working with new industry technologies at its Global Competence Centre for yachting and small ferries, based at Siemens Energy Italy. Siemens’ BlueDrive Eco Energy Management and Propulsion Systems integrates sustainable energy and clean fuels to improve efficiency, reduce operational costs and meet increasingly stringent regulations, according to Siemens.

EasylZinc deals with one of the hottest topics in yachting technology right now – batteries. They aim to contribute to “creating a competitive, safe, and sustainable battery value chain, with an application in submarine and yachting,” according to the company.

Consulting firm HY-Plug specializes in energy transition for yachts and ports. Their market research services include areas such as propulsion technology and generators, refilling stations and training about energy transition in yachting.

The Monaco Yacht Show 2023 runs from September 27 to 30."

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