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HY-Plug at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023: A dive into Excellence and Innovation

This year, the Monaco Yacht Show was much more than a simple presence for HY-Plug. As an exhibitor and partner of the Sustainability Hub for the second time, we have experienced extraordinary moments, expanded our network and participated in exclusive events at the heart of the yachting industry.

Private Meetings and Fruitful Exchanges

During our private cocktail, we had the privilege of speaking with key players, including the port concession, the Chamber of Renewable Energy and Ecology of Monaco, renowned shipyards as well as private sector players. These meetings opened up exciting perspectives for future collaborations and sustainable initiatives.

Engaged Presence and Sharing of Expertise

We were honored to speak at the Captains Forum, bringing together 150 professionals holding a 3000 captain certificate, to discuss the crucial topic of HVO. It was also an opportunity to meet classy companies during lunch, enriching our exchanges and our knowledge.

Media Visibility

Our presence was also noticed by the media, with interviews carried out by TV Monaco and SYS Monaco, highlighting our contributions and our vision for a sustainable yachting industry.< /p>

Knowledge Sharing and Commitment to Sustainability

We have had the privilege of participating in high-profile conferences, such as the IYC Private Conference on Sustainability in Yachting, as well as hosting our own conference on energy changes in the yachting industry observed by a one-year study. These moments were opportunities to share our perspectives and expertise.

Inspiring Celebrations and Initiatives

We also participated in significant events such as the Burgee Celebration, marking the handing over of the flag to ETYC-trained captains.

As well as the launch of the International Electric Marine Association (IEMA) organized jointly with Seabird (IEMA Member), demonstrating our commitment to innovation and the evolution of the maritime industry.

We also become a sponsor of IEMA for 2024.

This 2nd edition of the Monaco Yacht Show was an unforgettable experience for HY-Plug, an opportunity to rub shoulders with excellence, to innovate and to actively contribute to shaping a more sustainable future. sustainable for the maritime industry.

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