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Business creation competition JCE Monaco 2022

Updated: May 25, 2023

"WE DID IT !", the word of our founder during the award ceremony after winning the 1st prize. A great reward but above all a springboard for the company's development in 2023.

"Since the beginning of HY-Plug, we had spotted this beautiful competition in the Principality of Monaco but in 2021 it was still too early to compete.

A year and a half of activity later, our first customers on board, and the awards of the Mark Challenge as well as the MOPC, we decided to compete in the CCE of the Jeune Chambre Économique de Monaco for the 27th edition 2022.

It was a great adventure from start to finish.

First, the submission of the first file during summer 2022, then the pre-selection for the final announced only 2 months later.

The juries took place in two parts 2 weeks after the announcement in the offices of Monacotech in Monaco. The jury was made up of about 15 people, including Melanie Dupuy-Chiappone (President of JCE 2022), Marie-Gisèle Fringant (President of JCE 2023), Lionel Galfré (Director of Monacotech), Thierry Leray (President of the Telis Group), Isabelle Curau-Bloch (Project Manager for Energy Transition, Mission pour la Transition Énergétique Monaco), Nicolas Peretti (SMT Fineart), and many others from the Monegasque marketplace.

On December 1st, 2022, during the 4th JCE Monaco Trophies evening, HY-Plug was awarded the 1st Prize by Mr. Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and Economy of Monaco, which is none other than the "Government Prize"."

With this prize, we won the sum of 40,000€, as well as the opportunity to join MonacoBoost for one year (Government business incubator reserved exclusively for Monegasques and spouses of Monegasques).

Other rewards included a year's membership of the Monaco Economic Board, as well as a complete accounting package from Mr Tony Guillemot's firm.

Many thanks again to all those involved and to the organizers for this award. This marks the second phase of development of HY-Plug, which after its 1 and a half years in France, sees itself creating a second entity in the Principality of Monaco.

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